‘Functionality of SC allows it to be a watchdog of Indian democracy’: CJI

Source: hindustantimes.com

Even though it is celebrated every year, the Independence Day is also marked with solemnity as India’s independence was not achieved on a platter, said Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi during his speech at the Independence day function of Supreme Court Bar Association in Delhi on Wednesday.

Recognising the contribution of the freedom fighters, Gogoi said, “On 15th August, all Indians across generations solemnly say a prayer of heartfelt gratitude to those generations of freedom fighters who sacrificed everything in pursuit of their dreams that someday the people of India would be born free.”

Commenting on the growth of Indian democracy over the past seventy-two years, Gogoi stressed that the growth of Parliament, Judiciary and a Free Press were a product of the emergence of democratic social order in the country.

“It is a matter of great pride that among many nations who had commenced their independence march around the same time as India, ours has witnessed the emergence of a democratic social order that has fueled the growth of democratic institutions in the country like freely-elected parliament, an open press, and an independent judiciary,” said Gogoi.

He further went on to stress that protecting the same democratic order of the country was crucial to make our country strong, independent and secure.

Stressing on the role of the Indian judiciary, Gogoi emphasised that the functionality of the Supreme Court grants it the status of the watchdog of the Indian democracy.

“In every act of ours, we need to constantly remind ourselves that it is the functionality of the supreme court at the helm of the Indian judiciary which accords it the uniqueness and the distinction of being the watchdog of the Indian democracy,” he said.

The Chief Justice of India also stressed that the Supreme Court of India was ready to take on future challenges and looks forward to cater to a larger number of litigants and reduce the average time presently being taken to deal with a case.

“The Supreme Court administration expects coordination from all stakeholders in reinventing our decades-old infrastructure to match the demand of the rising number of litigants who repose their faith in the constitutional order,” he added.