Suggestions to Fight against Bad Marriage

1. Join SIF weekly meeting near your place. You are not the only one suffering because of “no mistake” of yours. You will get genuine guidance and help there of how to handle this situation. Apply for AB mentioned in step 9 immediately. Go to the weekly meeting without giving any silly reasons.

2. See no “so called” social worker has sense to support males, the discriminated class. Note we are not saying we are female haters, we are just saying men are discriminated and harassed. If you still want to live in a fancy world to believe that you will get justice from this society since you have done no wrong, I can tell only one thing to you – WAKE UP!

3.Read law. Your list shows that are ignorant and you may be pressurized to settle with money for avoiding cases. Understand that they can/may file cases even if the president of india advises them not to do it . You should know about Anticipatory Bail, IPC 498A, Dowry Prohibition Act and Protection for Women from Domestic Violence Act immediately. Also read 498A survival guide.

4.Get a job, however less paying it is. Not because “Udyogam Purusha Lakshanam”, or Man should always earn, because your problem requires money in long term and you will have a time pass to forget this stupid harassment.

5.Get a single BHK house with minimal rent and live there away from your parents. They will also be peaceful. you can always go and live with them but create a separate address for you. if your wife wants to live with you let her come and live in the single bed room apartment, which you can exit any time.

6.Never say you want to live with her or not. Just tell the panchayat that let her decide whatever she want to do – her decision is her responsibility. I am ready for anything. Never ever say you want to do this or that. Remember the more you want divorce, more they will fleece/harass you.
7.Don’t ever file Divorce even if your parents ask or Alia Bhat promises to marry you. This will create more complications in your life than you can imagine now. Weekly meeting will explain you why.
8. Stay away from intoxication or health spoiling addictions. Instead eat healthy food and exercise.
9. Apply for an Anticipatory Bail if you wish not to go to jail. Once there is bail lot of threats will go waste. Half the battle is won.All you need is some document which says you have a case, some notice from police or copy of her complaint. Apply AB for everyone in your family.
10. Don’t ever show anger in public. That is the biggest harassment you are giving yourself. You will not gain by revenge, but you will win over them if you are peaceful and happy in spite of their harassment.
Your problems will sublime with time. Have patience and keep cool !

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