Maradu residents approach Kerala HC over fate of neighboring structures.

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KOCHI: The residents of Maradu Municipality whose houses are located within a radius of 200 metres from the towers which are proposed to be demolished on January 11- 12 by the order of the Supreme Court, have filed a case in Kerala High Court on Tuesday.

The petitioners have requested the Kerala HC to direct the respondents to immediately assess the present market value of the houses and other structures in the 200-metre area before the demolition.

They had already approached the Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and had given him representation in this regard.

However, the petitioners alleged that no effective fruitful decision has been taken to compensate them if they suffer any damage as part of the proposed demolition.

They also alleged that the proposed market value of the nearby houses and structures are not yet properly assessed or published by the authorities.

The petitioners have argued that “the people residing within a radius of 200 metres were given an eviction notice for a time beginning from January 1, 2020, by Maradu municipality as a precaution and preventive measure. The petitioners herein are highly anxious and concerned about their residential houses and other improvements. In order to blast a multi-storied flat, it is understood that heavy explosives are used which not only destroy the flats but also cause severe damages to the nearby structures.”

The petitioners have argued that the residential buildings near to the flats may also suffer damage to the intensity of the blasts and hence it will be difficult to assess the damages and value of the property after the proposed blasts.

Harichandra Sai KR, Antony NJ, Benny Joseph, CU Prakasan, KR Shaji, Yamuna, Ajayakumar KK, are the petitioners, among others, who went to the Kerala High Court on Tuesday, aided by a group of advocates who are providing free legal help to them.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway to bring down four apartments — Holy Faith H2O, twin towers of Alfa Serene, Jain Coral Cove and Golden Kayaloram — in Maradu through controlled explosion on January 11-12.