Month: April 2014

Know all about Stridhan and How to fight against false claims of wife..!!

Reference – Stridhan is a combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Stri=Woman’ and ‘Dhan=Wealth’ which put together means ‘Woman’s property’. Stridhan is a traditional property right of Hindu women accepted by Indian Hindu Society.Stridhan ensures a women’s economic independence. Except for a few restrictions during coverture, a Hindu woman is the absolute owner of her stridhan.Any dues from her

10 Best Way to reduce/Dismiss Maintenace/Interim Maintenance Amount

Reference – Dear friends and victims of  Biased Law.Following are the 10 Best way to reduce or eliminate The maintenance/Interim maintenance from your shoulder.If all the tips and Points are used actively before or during the procedure then certainly you are going to save your hard earned money from forced charity so called as maintenance

HC gives guidelines on Section 498A

HYDERABAD: Finding fault with a woman who implicated the parents of her mother-in-law and the families of her husband’s sisters currently residing abroad in a dowry harassment case under section 498 A of the IPC, the high court has issued certain guidelines to the state police to enforce the anti-dowry law. One of the main


Reference – What an illogical and apartheid thinking do Indian wife have. You are asking such thing which is dead. Can you ever imagine a dead body to stand and speak with you once you have killed him? How could you predict with the same for your marriage. Making false cases to teach a