10 Tips to Handle an Arrogant and Dominating Wife

Most of us believe in the stereotyping that men control their wives and dominate them in every sphere of their lives. However, women are also as controlling as men in marriages or relationships. These type of women come up with different tactics such as threatening the man with divorce or manipulating the arguments so that the man too, is bend on thinking on those lines. It can be a nightmare with living with such a type of woman who is always telling you what to do. You find no personal space or opinion during these times. What do you do? Where do you go? These points will tell you how to deal with such an arrogant and dominating wife and make your life much easier if you are planning to save your relationship.
10. “Why”
Have you ever wondered “what” is causing this behavior? It’s not necessary that she is doing it purposely. She might be using it as a defense mechanism to deal with some problems which she is not able to cope up with. Something might be affecting her and that might be the reason for her behavior. She may fear something, or is conscious about herself and is using her arrogance to cover it up. Sit for a while, relax and try to ask yourself what could be the reason of such a behavior. You might be surprised as to how many answers come up in your mind!
9. IgnoreYou must have heard the phrase “ignorance is bliss”. Well in this case ignorance might not be bliss but certainly it can be one of the solutions. Do not respond to her arrogance or to her dominating behavior. When you respond, you stimulate the process even further. By not responding, she will not get the reply she wants or the attention she is looking for and she might stop that behavior. It might also make her feel guilty about her behavior and the way she is treating you. So next time she starts off, just think of a happy memory and mute your wife for some time.
8. Talk to her
The best way to deal with your wife is to talk to her. Do not necessarily talk to her about why she behaves that way, but just talk. It could be anything, about how her day was, her life, her family and you will see the changes automatically coming in. Talking will improve understanding between both of you and she will understand you better. So the next time you see her alone, take out the time and go and talk to her. Just in a few days, you will see the difference which will come from a heart to heart talk.
7. Stand up and confront
Your wife may be continuing her arrogance and domination just because you are unable to take a stand against it. If you let her know that you do not like the way she behaves and take a stand against it, she may realize her mistake and stop it. She may also want you to do the same and that is why she continues to behave in an arrogant manner. If it is made clear to her that you cannot tolerate such arrogance and domination, she would surely keep it in mind!
6. Plan a day out!
She might need a break from her routine. The same old routine might be the cause of her arrogance. Take her out, talk to her, dance with her, watch a movie with her and spend quality time with her. When fresh air goes inside her lungs, her attitude towards you might change. You might see the fun side of her which is completely different from the one you have seen at home. Your wife might be irritated with her daily chores or work and a fun filled day out might be the perfect solution for you to spend some time with her and also make your wife think about you in a different way which will ultimately lead her in changing the way she behaves.
5. Use kids as a medium
If you have kids, it will be very helpful in tackling such a situation. Plan an activity which involves your kids as well as your wife. When you perform an activity which involves your wife as well as your kids, the whole family aspect will come in and she will see much more value in the family. Also, she might hesitate to behave in a particular way when the kids are around. When she realizes the value of family, she will realize the value of you too and will stop the arrogance and dominance with which she has been behaving. Playing a family game, or watching a family movie together might be such a way where you can involve your wife as well as your children and lead your wife in changing her behavior.
4. Choose the right social group
If you have a group of friends who are okay with your wife treating you this way, the alarm bell should ring inside your head. Your social circle very much reflects the way you behave outside as well as at home. If no one is there to tell you to take a stand against your wife, you will not take a stand and be a victim of your wife’s arrogance. Someone has to tell you how to function in such a situation and that is possible only if you have the right social circle. If you choose the right social group, you can discuss with your friends about the problems you are facing and they will very well tell you how to go about it and deal with the situation.
3. Refute her arguments in public
If you are at the mall or at a social or family gathering and such a situation comes up where she is arrogant, go ahead and refute her argument in front of everyone! When you do this, she will feel humiliated as ashamed of her doing. She might even go home and shout at you for doing that. But just tell her that if you do not stop this attitude, she will have to bear this. So the next time she tries to show her dominance outside or inside, she will think twice since she does not want to face the humiliation again.

2. Be responsible and start taking decisionsStart being responsible and take some decisions yourself. Your wife might be too dominating for the sole reason that you cannot take decisions yourself. That is why she tries to do everything on her own maybe because she thinks you are not capable of doing so. But now is the time to prove her wrong. Take some family decisions and tell her that is it your decision and she has to stick by it. Start by something like a new car, or changing the paint of the house, or choosing the furniture of the house. You might be amazed as to how fast things change when you start taking decisions yourself. Your wife will also see this change in you and will stop being arrogant.

1. Marital 

If everything else fails, marital counseling might be the best way to solve the misunderstanding and the problems between the two of you. Marital counseling will be a professional way in which you both will be guided as to how to go about certain situations. Also, when an authoritative person will take charge, even your wife will have no other option but to listen to the advice and follow it in your daily lives. Marital counseling has been proved to be the best way when everything else fails to save a relation and you should surely go for it!

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