Month: November 2015

Men to return marriage certificates to raise awareness about men’s rights

NAGPUR: Even as writers, actors and directors are protesting the growing intolerance in the country by returning the awards they have received, men’s rights activists from the city are considering returning their marriage certificates to the family court. They are planning to do this on the occasion of International Men’s Day that falls on November

5 Steps To Win The Interim Maintenance

Interim maintenance can fight with different ways it is mostly depend upon the type of party, type of lawyer and other factor and it change case to case basis, but as per my observation few are the useful point to fight the Interim Maintenance. 5 steps to win the interim maintenance 1. Capable of working

Hw to extract information to reduce maintenance. <– just follow this..At high level strongest points are :-1. if you can prove she is earning. by hook or crook.2. She doesn’t has any loans.3. She doesn’t has any reponsibility of family.4. There is no prima facie … proof in case.5. She left on her own wish.6. Come to court with clean hands.7. Abusing