Public Service Announcement: Legal Disputes and Fraudulent Sales Warning for Plots in Oyna Village, Ranchi

Attention Potential Land Buyers:

A serious advisory has been issued to all individuals considering the purchase of land within Oyna Village, also known as Oina, located in the district of Ranchi, Jharkhand. It has come to light that numerous plots within this region, which falls under the jurisdiction of Pithoria Thana Number 46 and is administered by Chuttu Panchayat in the Kanke Anchal, are subject to pending court cases and may not have clear titles.

Affected RS Plot Numbers:

  • 249
  • 260
  • 261
  • 262
  • 263

These plots are reportedly tied to legal disputes, with genuine owners residing outside of Ranchi. Despite this, local land mafia groups have been known to illegally demarcate boundaries and misrepresent ownership to sell these lands to unsuspecting buyers.

Risks to Buyers:

  • Legal Repercussions: Engaging in property transactions that are under dispute can lead to involvement in lengthy and costly legal battles.
  • Financial Losses: There is a high risk of losing your investment if the courts rule in favor of the original owners.
  • Invalid Ownership: Acquiring land under false pretenses can result in the nullification of your purchase.

Due Diligence is Mandatory: Before any land purchase, especially in the specified plots of Oyna Village, due diligence is crucial. This includes:

  • Verifying land records through the appropriate Anchal and Panchayat offices.
  • Consulting with the Pithoria Thana to ascertain the presence of any police cases related to the land.
  • Seeking legal advice to examine the status of any ongoing court cases associated with the plot in question.

Call for Community Awareness: This advisory extends beyond potential buyers and calls for community vigilance. The collective effort of local residents can play a significant role in thwarting the operations of land mafias.

Final Word of Caution: The allure of becoming a landowner should not override the necessity of a cautious and informed approach to property acquisition. With the known presence of disputed plots and unscrupulous activities in Oyna Village, the need for heightened awareness and prudent verification processes cannot be overstated.