She is very abusive when she lose her temprament

Dear Swarup

In my case there is no 498A case but one other false case related in the year 2011– not persuing by the opposite party and case is pending without any action by court/police.
she is not willing to stay with my parent. She is very abusive when she lose her temprament. Always maximum days stay with her parents. In last 6 year only 1.5 year (aprox) with me. Lot of recording with me where she is very abusive and threatening me. But she is ready to stay with me only. She wants to that no any relationship with my parents and other relative and she expect same from me also. How can i restrict her for not come to my home if there is no divorse case on her. She used to her willingness for coming and going. Recent days she is with her parents but after some time she will come at that time i want to restrict to inside home. HOW??


Response –

If she want to trouble you by entering in your parents homes,she can do that , if you file for divorce also , so filling divorce does not grantee , that she will not trouble you. or You will be forced to pay her rent or separate accomodation , at least you are not paying any think as there is no cases.

The best solution , take a small one room set in low class area and establish that is your accommodation , if at all she want to trouble , let her come there and then you can take next course of action by leaving that, it is like first you ensure the matrominal home is different.

Then next , your parents can file injection to enter in their home after that , but at this moment it will not advisable , as it looks you are staying with your parents.

After Dv act the situation changed , so be carefull.

As i said, filling divorce is moving form frying pan to fire , if you are ready go ahead if you feel you can sustain.

Now the evidences you are talking , review the same with some criminal lawyers , if possible, try to file extortion, blackmailing etc cases if there is nay demand of money or treat to life  , refuse to stay with your parents is not a valid reason or crime.

Regarding , her condtion, you can blitnly refuse , as it is not possible to cut off your realtion with your parents and realtive , let her decide waht she want.

If she can stay without you , you also enjoy with out her , for taking care parents , you can keep some maids etc , finciancilly much cheaper than such wife.

In the mean time , plan your movable or immovable assest dispose off if any .

This is a patience game , keep patience and be happy first .

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