Exploitation Unveiled: How the Oyna Village Land Mafia Misleads Plot Owners Residing Outside Ranchi

In the heart of Ranchi, Jharkhand, lies the Sanjeevani Park Project, a once-promising endeavor marred by the insidious tactics of the local land mafia operating from Oyna Village, also known as Oina. This group, led by individuals like Hasan and Rasid, has been exploiting unsuspecting plot owners who reside outside Ranchi, misguiding them into selling their plots at unfairly low prices.

The Sanjeevani Park Project, owned by Gopal Sharan, son of Sri Sahdeo Lal, and developed by Anamika Nandy from Sanjeevani Buildcon, was meant to offer a slice of paradise in Chuttu Panchayat, Anchal Kanke. However, the dream has turned into a nightmare for those who invested in it, especially those residing outside Ranchi.

Plot owners, often residing in distant locations, have found themselves at the mercy of the local land mafia, who use deceptive tactics to manipulate them. Hasan, Rasid, and their associates prey on the vulnerability of these owners, convincing them to part with their plots at significantly lower prices than their true worth.

The modus operandi of the land mafia involves creating an atmosphere of fear and coercion, making it difficult for the plot owners to resist their demands. Additionally, the mafia resorts to misinformation and deceit, further complicating the situation for the unsuspecting owners.

What exacerbates the plight of these plot owners is their distance from Ranchi, which makes it challenging for them to monitor their investments closely. This geographical barrier is exploited by the land mafia, who operate with impunity, knowing that the owners are unable to intervene effectively.

The affected plots, numbered 249, 260, 261, 262, and 263, serve as glaring examples of the exploitation faced by plot owners at the hands of the Oyna Village land mafia. Despite their rightful ownership, these plots are being misappropriated by individuals driven by greed and malice.

In response to these injustices, the plot owners have sought recourse through legal channels. However, the complexities of the situation, compounded by their remote location, have made it challenging for them to seek redressal effectively.

The plight of these plot owners serves as a sobering reminder of the pervasive influence of corruption and exploitation in our society. It underscores the need for greater vigilance and oversight to protect the rights of property owners, particularly those vulnerable to manipulation by unscrupulous elements.

As the saga unfolds, it is imperative that authorities take swift and decisive action to curb the activities of the Oyna Village land mafia and ensure that justice is served. Only then can the promise of a brighter future be realized for all those who have invested their hopes and dreams in the Sanjeevani Park Project.