Unity in Action: The Sanjeevani Park Plot Buyers’ Stand Against Land Scam in Oyna Village

In the heart of Jharkhand, within the bounds of the serene yet embattled Oyna Village, a story of resilience and unity unfolds. This narrative isn’t just about land; it’s about justice, community, and the unwavering spirit of individuals coming together to right the wrongs inflicted by a powerful land mafia, implicating the landowner Gopal Sharan and land developer Anamika Nandy from Sanjeevani BuildCon.


  • Location: Oyna Village, Chuttu Panchayat, Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Conflict Zones: RS Plot Numbers 249, 260, 261, 262, 263
  • Affected Entity: Sanjeevani Park, part of Sanjeevani BuildCon
  • Authorities Involved: Pithoria Thana, maintaining close surveillance

The Genesis of Unity: The saga begins with the dream of owning a piece of Sanjeevani Park, a promise made by Sanjeevani BuildCon to numerous buyers. However, this dream was soon clouded by the dark realities of a land scam, meticulously orchestrated by figures within the company, in collusion with local land mafias. The affected plots, earmarked for the dreams of many, became the battleground for a significant upheaval.

The Scam Unraveled: Gopal Sharan and Anamika Nandy, associated with Sanjeevani BuildCon, played pivotal roles in this elaborate scam, leaving countless buyers in a state of betrayal and loss. The revelation of their involvement marked a turning point, igniting a collective fury and determination among the deceived buyers.

Mobilizing the Community: The plot buyers, refusing to be passive victims, have united under a singular cause: to reclaim their rights and restore integrity to their investments. This unity is not just a response to their individual grievances but a loud, collective stand against the corruption permeating Oyna Village’s land dealings.

Strategies and Actions: The mobilized community of plot buyers has embarked on a multifaceted campaign to confront the land mafia and its enablers:

  • Legal Recourse: Engaging with legal experts to challenge the fraudulent transactions and seek justice through the courts.
  • Public Awareness: Utilizing social media and local media to highlight their plight and gather support from the wider community.
  • Engagement with Authorities: Collaborating closely with Pithoria Thana to ensure the scam and its perpetrators are scrutinized under the law’s full force.
  • Solidarity Events: Organizing gatherings and demonstrations to showcase their unity and resolve.

The Call to the Community: This movement is more than a fight for land; it’s a stand for justice and a call to action for every member of the community to support their cause. It serves as a reminder that when united, people have the power to challenge and overcome even the most daunting adversaries.