Month: July 2014

Grounds to deny Maintenance and Domestic Violence Claims

Hi Friends, In the light of CrPC 125 and DVC, please let me know what are the applicable grounds where we can deny the claims. Please help me by proving appropriate judgments (citations) Regards, Manikanta   CRPC 340 Criminal case against Wife for making False calim in Maintance Case HIS HONOUR JUDGE: 24 th


Deception and Lying is a art .It is also a science as several disorders are linked to it specially antisocial personality disorders,borderline personality disorders and multiple personality disorders.Unfortunately in Indian setting Such sophetications and not available and maximum understnading of courts room relate to schizophrenia and depression /alcoholic husbnads.But some woman are adept at this

Alimony as a Right to women?

Source – Recently in many quarters there is a demand of making alimony as a right to women. Many feminist organizations are seeking this as a right stating that divorced women undergo a lot of hardships after divorce and hence most of the time it becomes difficult for them to fight a court battle

Is Alimony Offensive to Today’s Modern Woman or Modern Man?

Source - When the concepts of alimony were first constructed, we lived in a society where most women were unable to work outside of the home and earn a living. And divorce was based on fault. Therefore, if a marriage ended and the husband was at fault, the wife was left in need of permanent