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Contact details-Hindi News papers Reporters

Reporters’ Contact Numbers. Paper                                       Name                                                                           Mobile NBT                            Poonam Pandey                                                                                    9899665205                                     (Manish Agarwal                                                                      9818187286)                                                 HH                              Pankaj Rohilla                                                                           98717 97975                                     DJ                               Raju Sajwan                                                                              9910235518                                     Purushottam Sharma                                                                 9717096019                                     (DJ East                       Rajeev Agarwal                                                                                    9560798070 AU                               pawan Kumar                                                                           9873000538                                           (AU East                      Dheeraj Beniwal                                                                       9717897572) RS                               Purushottam Bhadoria                                                               9868326336 Rakesh Nath                                                                             9968686849                                           PK                               Pushkar Sharma                                                                                    98185 96989                                                             Dainik Bhaskar           Sangita Banerjee                                                                       9811849353 (Baliram Singh                                                                          9873014728)                                     Sandhya Times            Virendra Verma                                                                                    98715 60744      Jansatta                       Amlesh Rajoo                                                                          9868348497                                     National Duniya          Rohit                                                                                       9711809386                                     Aaj

No arrest for false 498a case

Karnataka DGP Circular – 498A arrest guidelines Karnataka DGP Circular – 498A arrest guidelines English Translation: No: 10/ /2010                                         Director general and Inspector General of Police                                                                Station, Nrupatunga road, Bangalore                                                                Date: 01-10-2010 Sub:  Under 498, 498a I.P.C and Dowry prohibition act, the Procedure to arrest the Accused. Based on the study of complaints of

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Men Vs Women in India

Source – PLEASE CARE TO READ and look at numbers and statistics below (India context)————————————————————Many people wonder why I only write/talk from the male perspective. I do so because none else does it.Most of the people are steeped in misandry, biased and fully brainwashed by feminist thinking. By doing so I do not want

Hrithik Roshan partied hard a night before divorce

On December 14, 2013, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan announced the end of their 13-year marriage. Around 10 am yesterday, the couple arrived at the Bombay Family Court in Bandra in separate cars, accompanied by their respective advocates, Dipesh Mehta and Mrunalini Deshmukh, and filed for divorce by mutual consent.